Dedicated to your success; two meals or breaks will never be alike.
With multiple catering options, from a theme party buffet to party dishes family style, our passion is to do it with the heart in order to impress at every meal.

For your assistance

An entirely professional staff, trained to deliver accurate services; our commitment is to make extraordinary happenings every day.

A service without comparison

We transform any space in your perfect location. Our service is ambitious and detailed. You will get exactly what you want … in addition to astonishing special outcomes.

Accurate service

We offer a stress free planning. From booking to staging, trust your dream event to us in order to acquire an accurate and extraordinary event.

Committed with the environment

Being environmentally responsible is part of our essence, and since we know that our customers share the same values, as a result, we have developed friendly procedures with the environment, as well as services, which will uphold your meeting to be “green”.

As a result of buying their products and reinforcing their production activities, we improve regional fishermen and beekeepers quality of life.

By purchasing aromatic herbs grown by low-income families in their productive back yards, we help them to develop a beneficial consumer activity.

To provide opportunities for the professional development of young entrepreneurs, we invest in their education and support their tutoring in Table and Bar services.

Different catering options

Catering at Capilla offers unparalleled gastronomic dining experiences, enjoy them in the comfort of your space, our choices merge gala dinners, breakfast meetings, business cocktails and coffee break stations for all kind of guest groupings.

We can arrange experiences in unexpected places, within hotel premises or yonder; in the charm of colonial houses, ramparts and bastions steeped in history, transporting guests in a horse-drawn carriages magical ride.

If your preference is maritime, the Rosario Islands Archipelago with its crystal clear waters, becomes the perfect accessory for your event, sometimes getting there ensues half the fun, mainly if your mode of transportation is a cruise ship or catamaran sailboat, in view of enjoying a BBQ dinner on a small Caribbean island.

You choose the place, we place the experience.

Quality Banquets

Banquets have never had a better taste, from healthy dishes to the most indulgent gastronomic transgressions; we have choices to satisfy all your group members.

With over 30 years’ experience in service, their longings will be fulfilled.

Menus inspired by the native flavor

From the freshest fish plus a delicious mini ceviche to an appetizing Cartagena Style Beef, our menus for groups provide a sense of significant status. With Caribbean cuisine, the typical ingredients of the region and trends in cocktails, we are leading group meals to new heights.

Specialized Menus

We use the best of our gastronomy in order to achieve an emotional connection with our clients, providing an incomparable experience with customized menus that reflect each group’s taste preferences.

Themed Events

Events and groups enjoy unique gastronomic experiences; therefore the delight of good food is the day’s mandate. Be amazed by the wide range of topics that we can build and transform your event into a beautiful Mexican plaza, a delicious French bistro, a friendly Italian restaurant or an unparalleled Caribbean afternoon.


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